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The City of Ely Bowls Club has for many years been one of the most successful sports clubs in the region.


The membership of the club is open to all whether it be for social or full members.

Currently Greg Harlow represents England, and has been seen on the World Bowls Tour for a number of years.  

Presently the Indoor Club runs competitive leagues four days a week during the day and in the evening. 

New members are very welcome whether experienced bowlers or complete beginners.


On the social side the club provides regular functions ranging from Race Nights to Quiz Nights and Discos. Our bar is open every night of the week to members and guests.

The indoor season runs from September to April and our outdoor season from May to September.

Bowls is a game which is easily learnt and understood and probably one of the only games where you can play with and against the best in the world. You may not win but at least you can say you’ve played with the best.

Bowls is a very social game and the club is an ideal place to meet new friends in a comfortable environment.  Come and visit us any evening. There will always be someone at the club willing to talk and tell you all about our club and the game of bowls.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a game for the older generation. Most of our best players are under 40 and some of the teenagers are already playing in National Competitions.

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